Winter Term 2022/2023

16 November (Hybrid, 18:00): Shapan Adnan (SOAS, University of London), “Rural Development, Agricultural Modernization, and Social Change in China: Comparative Perspectives in Relation to South Asia”
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23 November (Hybrid, 18:00): Anna Growe and Simin Yan (Heidelberg University), “Governing Chinese Mega-city Regions – Organizing Spatial Development or Resigning in the Face of Size?”
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28 November (Online, 13:00): Jaok Kwon (Heidelberg University), “Creating Aspiration of Youth for Transnational Mobility: Youth Overseas Employment Programme in South Korea”
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12 December (Online, 13:00): Yewon Lee (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen), “Occupying Shops to Defend Rights to Spaces of Livelihood: From Tenant Shopkeepers’ Fragmentation to Collective Consciousness in Seoul”
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14 December (Hybrid, 18:00): Markus Taube (University of Duisburg-Essen), „Chinas Volkswirtschaft im Krisenmodus: Neuorientierung in turbulenten Zeiten“
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18 January (Online, 18:00): June Hee Kwon (California State University, Sacramento), “Ethnic Borderland: The Un/Homeliness of Korean Chinese in Yanbian China”
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25 January (On-site, 18:00): Thomas Arnold and Anja Senz (Heidelberg University), „Zur (Un)Sachlichkeit in politischen Debatten über China“

01 February (Hybrid, 18:00): Konstantinas Andrijauskas (Vilnius University), “Sino-Lithuanian Relations”
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06 February (Online, 13:00): Youngmi Kim (University of Edinburgh), “The 2022 Presidential Election in South Korea: The Politics of Resentment and Revenge Confirms Older Trends and Cleavages and Reveals New Ones”
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CATS Seminar Building, Voßstr. 2, Bld. 4010, Room No. 010.01.05

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Past Lectures

Prof. Pablo Pareja Alcaraz (20 July 2022), EU-China Relations in the Aftermath of Brexit and Covid-19, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

Dr. Helen Kim (11 July 2022), Journeying towards Independence? Korean Nurses, Gender, and their ‘Twice Migration’ to the US in the 1970s, University of Leeds

Prof. Dr. Anja Senz (4 July 2022), Meet & Discuss: Sinology and Controversial China Issues, Heidelberg

Prof. Chunshik Kim (27 June 2022), Duale Ausbildung und duales Studium in Deutschland und Übertragbarkeit der Bildungssysteme auf Korea, Dongshin University (South Korea)

Prof. Jeanne Huang (8 June 2022), Applicable Law to Transnational Personal Data: Trends and Dynamics between China, the EU and the US, University of Sydney

Prof. Giuseppe Gabusi (8 June 2022), Whatever It Takes”: The Political Economy of the Chinese Communist Party, University of Turin

Dr. Kumiko Kawashima (30 May 2022), Labour Migration under Recession: A Comparative Study of Younger and Older Japanese Skilled Workers in China, Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Prof. Simone Dossi (18 May 2022), China’s Growing Role in the Mediterranean Region and the Implications for Europe, University of Milan

Prof. Gracia Liu-Farrer (2 May 2022), The Mobility of People between Japan and China in the 21st Century, Waseda University, Tokyo

Youngeun Koo (31 January 2022), Transnational Biopolitics and Cold War Geopolitics: Intercountry Adoption between “Divided” Korea and “Neutral” Sweden, University of Tuebingen

Prof. Hyun Mee Kim (17 January 2022), Developmentalism-based solutions or existential voices? Divergent discourses facing climate crisis in South Korea, Yonsei University, Seoul

Dr. Ji-yoon An (6 December 2021), The Family in (New) Korean Cinema, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. In Young Min (22 November 2021), An Impossible Choice?: Past, Present, and Future of South Korea’s Independent Nuclear Arms, Heidelberg University

Dr. Hyojin Lee (8 November 2021), The Vulnerability of the Historical Memory on Women in Modern Korea: The Changing Narratives on Ch’oe Yŏngsuk, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice

Dr. Hyun-Joo Lim (7 July 2021), North Korean Female Human Rights Abuse and Women’s Resistance, Bournemouth University, UK

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Vogt, Anne-Sophie L. König (30 June 2021), Robotik und Technologie in Japans Altenpflege, LM-Universität München

Dr. Mee-Kyung Jung (22 February 2021), Two Keys to Pyongyang’s Past and Future – Moral Center and Korean War, Dankook University, Seoul

Dr. Jaemin Shim (09 February 2021), Mass-Elite Representation Gap in Old and New Democracies, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Sang-hui Nam (20 January 2021), Intermediäre Akteure hinter den Kulissen demokratischer Wahlen in Südkorea, University of Bamberg

Unnur Bjarnadottir (15 January 2021), Korean Cosmetics in Europe: Their Perception and Connection to Pop Culture from a Transnational Perspective, Heidelberg University

Xiaoying Jin (11 December 2020), A Review on Second-Generation Immigrants‘ Research and theoretical rationale for East Asian Second-Generation Immigrants in Germany, Heidelberg University

Dr. Hyun Gyung Kim (21 January 2020), The Flexibilization of the Korean TV Industry and the Birth of trans/national Stars in East Asia, Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Hojye Kang (15 January 2020), Spin-off from military to civil: Alternative way for the Denuclearization of Korea Peninsula, University of Tuebingen

Ruixin Wei (11 December 2019), (Trans-)national Identity and lived Experiences of Korean Chinese in China, Goethe University Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. Takashi Machimura (06 November 2019), Hidden Dimensions of Olympic Games: Tokyo, from 1964 to 2020, Hitotsubashi University

Prof. Dr. Myungkoo Kang (11 July 2019), A Cultural Critique of Hate Gazes on North Korea – An Interpretive Analysis of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic News, Seoul National University

Yuanyuan Liu, Dipl.Soz. (10 July 2019), Chinesische Top-Manager: Karrierewege, Einstellungen, Führungsstil, Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr. Hannes Mosler (27 June 2019), Reformbedarf! Warum liegt Südkoreas Verfassung im Dornröschenschlaf?, Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Momoyo Hüstebeck (19 June 2019), Deliberation in Japan angesichts der Herausforderung der repäsentativen Demokratie, University of Duisburg-Essen

Zhu Yi, M.A. (29 May 2019), Framing Europe – eine Analyse von Europa-Beiträgen in den offiziellen und den sozialen Medien in China, Heidelberg University

Prof. Dr. Yonson Ahn (22 May 2019), Memory and Commemoration of ‘Comfort Women’ in Post-War South Korea, Goethe University Frankfurt

Dr. Jin-Heon Jung (08 May 2019), Transnational Migration and religious Conversion among North Korean Refugee-Migrants across Continents in comparative Perspectives, Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Unsuk Han (30 January 2019), Rezeption der deutschen Einheit in Korea, University of Tuebingen

Prof. em. Wolfgang Seifert (22 January 2019), Der Beitrag des Völkerrechts zur japanischen Kolonialherrschaft in Korea von 1910-1945, Heidelberg University

Dr. Oliver Corff (16 January 2019), China: eine Wirtschaftsmacht transformiert ihr Militär, Berlin

Dr. Susanne Fehlings (12 December 2018), Kaukasischer ‚Biznes‘ zwischen Tbilisi und Beijing: „Ethnic Entrepreneurship“ und die liberale Marktwirtschaft, Goethe University Frankfurt

Prof. Taeyoung Yoo (04 December 2018), Varieties of Capitalism and Practice of Ideas, Korean University of Foreign Studies

Prof. Dr. Anja Senz (26 October 2018), Yidai yilu – Ein Band, eine Straße? Warum China auf Innovation und Kooperation angewiesen ist, Heidelberg University

Nikolai Putscher (23 July 2018), Die Rolle der Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) im Kontext der chinesischen Belt and Road-Initiative, Board of Directors, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler (18 July 2018), Mao und das Wasser: Metaphern von Souveränität und Macht, Heidelberg University

Kai von Carnap (28 June 2018), Bitcoin, Kryptowährungen, Blockchain in China: Wird das Reich der Mitte zum neuen Entwicklungszentrum?, Chinese European Economics and Business Studies Berlin

Jeanette Werning, M.A. (20 June 2018), Archäologie und Umwelt in Xinjiang, Heidelberg University

Prof. Fu King-wa (28. May 2018), China’s 360-degree Information Control: An update, University of Hong Kong

Dr. Oliver Corff (15. November 2017), Deutsch-chinesische Wirtschaftsinteressen im Spannungsfeld von Markt und Politik, Berlin

Prof. em. Edward Friedman (14 June 2017), Forecasting China’s Future, University of Wisconsin

Prof. Dr. Anja Senz (03 May 2017), Korruption und die Möglichkeiten ihrer Bekämpfung in China, Heidelberg University

Zhu Yi, M.A. (20 July 2016), Das Internet als Kampfplatz – Chinas virtuelle Arena im Zentrum politischer Kontroversen, Free University Berlin

Prof. Dr. Anja Senz (27 January 2016), Chinas innere Dynamik und die außenpolitischen Folgen, Heidelberg University